Cake Lace Mat - Frozen Crystal

Cake Lace Mat - Frozen Crystal

Cake Lace - Lace Spreader

Cake Lace - Lace Spreader

Cake Lace Mat - Pretty Paisley

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Decorate your cakes with the most stunning lace designs using the Pretty Paisley Mat from Cake Lace.This gorgeous, large Cake Lace Mat comes with 4 different strips, each a different pattern so you will have so much to work with.

Each strip incorporates a paisley design whilst making up its own unique pattern. The largest strip has a combination of paisley patterns and leaves with additional flourishes as does one of the smaller strips, making it great to wrap around the tiers of your cakes.

One of other smaller strips features a more simplistic paisley design whilst the final strip features a beautiful floral border combining large and small flowers.

The mat is ideal for use with luxurious wedding cakes, anniversary cakes or any occasion that requires a little elegance. Once made up, parts of the lace can also be cut out to decorate cupcakes, cookies and other smaller treats.

The mat can be used with all colours and types of Cake Lace and if using the White Cake Lace Mix, can also be coloured using gel colours when the mix is in liquid form, or brushed with lustre or sparkle dust once made up for an added colour, sparkle and shine.

As well as creating intricate edible lace, the Pretty Paisley Cake Lace Mat can also be used as an impression mat.

The mat itself is made of durable, yet flexible food grade silicone that can be used over and over again if cared for properly.

To clean, hand wash in warm soapy water.

The designs measure approximately:Large strip: 14mm x 5mmSmall strips: 14mm x 1mm

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