Satinara Luxury Sugar Paste 2.5kg - White

Satinara Luxury Sugar Paste 2.5kg - White

Satinara Luxury Sugar Paste 2.5kg - Ivory

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Satinara is the UK’s new Luxury Sugar Paste, specially formulated and designed for Professionals.

With its expertly formulated recipe, it is perfect for covering every type of cake including taller and larger styles, making it the only sugar paste you will ever need.

Satinara will give you a silky smooth finish with crisp sharp edges, all whilst maintaining maximum pliability and strength.

Here's what the professionals say about Satinara….

“normally what you would see with a weaker paste, … from the mid-section to the lower part you would see stress areas with cracks and crazing or some actual tearing, but with this paste, all the way down to the bottom it is completely intact, and it feels really nice and smooth” 

“ .. having that blank perfect canvas, everything else will go well… this type of sugar paste is essential for that type of finish”

“ get that really smooth, perfect, professional finish”

“…I would be absolutely happy with this

Size: 2.5kg

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