Soft Sugar Roses - Mixed Pack - Black

Soft Sugar Roses - Mixed Pack - Black

Soft Sugar Pansies - 30mm - Box Of 60

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These lovely handmade edible pansies in assorted colours are made from a soft sugar paste which has a pleasant taste and light vanilla flavour.

The realistic looking cake decoration is perfect for adding to a floral display on a wedding, special occasions or birthday cake.

Use a decoupage or wire to create stunning displays, or simply apply a drop of icing to the back of the pansy and fix to the top or sides of the cake.

Each pansy measures approx 30mm in size.

For best results, we advise that these should be kept out of direct light and stored in a cool, dry place.

The pansies should remain like this until they are ready to be used as any contact with light could result in colours fading or bleaching.

Box of 60.

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