Squires Opaque White Florist Paste 200g

Squires Opaque White Florist Paste 200g

Squires Candy Blue Florist Paste 200g

Squires Candy Blue Florist Paste 200g

Squires Candy Peach Florist Paste 200g

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This Squires Candy Peach Sugar Florist Paste is the country's best selling ready-made sugar flower paste. The Candy Collection features contemporary, candy-inspired colours, perfect for stylish sugar flower displays in pretty, pastel shades.

It is perfect for making on-trend flowers, such as peonies, ranunculuses, dahlias and succulents.

Available in a range of 4 other candy colours. It is ready for immediate use and packed in a re-sealable foil bag.

The florist paste can be rolled extremely fine for intricate flower work. It is pliable and quick-drying to guarantee excellent results.

Available in 21 ready-to-use colours, or can be coloured using Squires Kitchen's paste colours or any other brand of paste colouring.

Always use opened packets within one month. Keep well sealed and wrapped with cling film to ensure the paste remains at its best.

he florist paste can be frozen if required - simply cut into small pieces, wrap well and put back in the foil bag, then place in the freezer.

Pack size: 200g.

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